Thursday, September 30, 2010


I hate packing for travel. No matter how organized I am, and no matter how much planning I do beforehand I always get a sinking feeling in the stomach when I start selecting clothes to put in a suitcase. But, now I'm done. I've made my choices and packed my clothes and the multitude of gifts I'm taking with to the US. My toiletries and meds are all taken care of and all that's left to do is to pack my backpack and travel docs. Going to the States is always good. Let's face it, if I left anything behind I can get it there. I also really don't like traveling without bwo. She loves airports, airplanes and hotels - I don't, but her enthusiasm rubs off and makes it all so much easier. I do get better over time. On a long trip like this, I put my body and mind in park and switch off until I reach my destination after 24 hours of travel. Next post, California.

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