Friday, October 29, 2010

A Bad Back

So blackwifeo has a bad back. She has been complaining for a few weeks that it feels like it's going to go out. Well it did last night. She came crawling up the stairs into the bedroom and has spent the last 24 hours somewhere between agony, oblivion (good pills) and misery. My heart goes out to her, but I'm not under any circumstances going to give her the Voltarin shot she got from the doctor (she is in too much pain to go there, so he sent her the shot). I just totally suck at being a nurse. I have no patience at all - she never supposed to get sick, that's my job and then she looks after me.

Still, we are trying to help. The loving daughter even made us supper. Veggie hamburgers from scratch that were really very good. She is prancing around the house dressed in her Halloween best, which comprises of some very tight tights and a sort of corset thingy. It seems that it is proper to wear as little as is possible for Halloween, if you are 17.

Hope bwo gets better fast. We really need her around here.

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