Saturday, October 30, 2010

Appolonia - once again

I got up early this morning to drive to Beer Sheva to pick up the boy and to go check out Tel Beer Sheva. I have been there before but I was interested in looking at the "Israelite Four Roomed House" up close. My project on Standing Buildings may have some connection to this, so I figured I would go look close up. By the time I got to Beer Sheva I had a splitting migraine and was feeling most nauseous, so the boy and I headed home. After I stopped at the service on Highway 6 and downed a coffee and croissant I felt a lot better, so after dropping the boy at home I decided to visit Appolonia. My Park Services card lets me get in for free, and I was interested in checking out their excavations over the summer.

I was surprised to find Nir, one of the chaps who dug with me at Meggido last week was sitting in the ticket booth. Seems he works for the Parks Services over the weekend. He told me they have been funded to dig in the Crusader castle starting next week. I gave him my email address seeing as I have some time on my hands and would love to help. We will see.

I had a really nice walk around Appolonia. I was surprised that there were quite a few people enjoying the wind, sea and spectacular views. I walked all around and took more pictures of the fortress and Roman villa. I am looking for a nice old Standing Building for my project. I doubt either of these count as they are not really standing. Still it was a very nice walk. Here are a few pictures. If you are more interested in the site, look here.
I am always so impressed with these huge and thick casement walls. They are build right on the cliffs. I wonder how much of the banks has been eroded and has fallen into the sea.
This is a Samaritan wine press. It is at the far northern edge of the site and is quite impressive. I am not sure when they dug this but I don't remember seeing it last time I was here.
Nice archaeology. I would like to get some experience at a "classical" site like this. It is very different to Megiddo.


joch said...

What's the difference between a "classical" site and a non-classical one?

blackpetero said...

Classical Period - Greeks and Romans. Very different to the Iron or Bronze Age - there was writing.