Monday, October 25, 2010

Tear Along the Perforation

Today I started going through the years of papers we have accumulated in the last year and a half since I last took on this mission. So far three boxes full. Bank papers, bills, report cards, bills, receipts, instruction manuals, cell phone accounts, insurance papers, bills and more bills. I have found a new hate. Why is it that the bank and credit card companies have now decided to save paper, but instead of going completely electronic, they now send you your statements in a mailing where the envelope is part of the bill. You know what I mean, you need to carefully tear along the perforations and then open the statement printed on the inside of the "envelope". Only here in this 80% country it is impossible to tear along the perforations because they are not deep enough. So unless you are really careful you end up with a horribly messy statement that looks bad when placed in the file.

Come on people this must be improved. Go completely electronic. If Bank of America can do it, so can you. Either that or perforate better.

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