Friday, October 8, 2010


I have been busy. Mostly driving about the Bay Area, it's true. I put a huge amount of miles on the rental car. They gave me a Chevy Useless and I pushed it to its limits. I was up at 5am this morning, returned the "car" and flew off to Houston. We arrived 15 minutes early and then had to wait for 45 minutes till our gate was ready. Then I walked the 5km or so from the gate to the baggage claim - it really is unbelievable.

Blacksistererio picked me up from the airport and we immediately got stuck in a huge traffic jam so it took way longer than an hour to get to my Mom's place, where I am staying. We had a chance to get caught up on our lives while stuck on Bletway 8. The Hamptons, the "retirement community" where the mother lives is something else. Her apartment has a spare room with on suite bathroom. They have valet parking and a twenty four hour guard in case any of the residents try break out. There are a lot of people walking around with walkers, but this is America and they have these fancy walkers with big wheels, sort of "all terrain walkers", none of those clunky aluminum frames with tennis balls on the legs for these guys. It seems both my Mom and sister's hearing is not the best so there is a lot of shouting and repetitions. Still it's great to be here with my family. The only one who is not at all pleased to see me is my mother's very spoiled cat Beau (or B.O. after my dad). I am sleeping on his couch and he is very put out. He hisses and bats at my legs whenever I walk past, but he is a very inside cat and his claws are pretty much non existent. The cats of HaNevel street would have him for breakfast. He would be tasty too as he's a little on the chubby side.

Tomorrow is "shopping for bwo" day. I'll go visit the storage cupboard at my sister that has all the mail order stuff. She says it's completely full. Bwo of course denies having bought anything.

p.s. Happy 70th Mr. Lennon

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