Friday, October 22, 2010

Megiddo Revisited

I was lucky enough to spend a day digging at Megiddo today. I am exhausted and can hardly move this evening, but I'm happy. I had a great time. The Weitzmann Institute was doing some investigations in Area Q, the area where I spent my summer. We were taking down some of the baulks (the built up portions between the squares) and found all sorts of pots and even some burnt grains which will be good for carbon dating. One thing this day (which started at 5am) made crystal clear is just how out of shape I am. Time to start up an exercise program. I will post some pictures in a little while once I manage to get them off the camera.

A nice jar.
Some interesting pots.
Birds as seen from the Tel.

Yummy, curry tonight for dinner. Blackwifeo has really outdone herself, and she cooked all on her own while I scurried over the tel playing in the dirt.

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Jozie said...

love those birds. And really happy to have you home.