Friday, October 15, 2010

The Lag

Man, Oh man, do I have jetlag. It always hits me the second day. Last night I was exhausted at 8pm. I was reading some articles from the stack of papers for my new course (Standing Buildings) and my eyelids were drooping. After stressing out that bdo was not home by 10pm (she was working at the ice cream shoppe), I lay down, but sleep eluded me. My mind was racing. I counted sheep, meditated, went down and ate some humus (good night food), still no way I could sleep. I heard bdo slink into her room at 12:15, the neighbours got home at 2:18, the cats held a campaign in their ongoing civil war around 3:30, I played sudoku for a few hours. At 4:30am I heard the paper boy drive by on his Vespa and finally sunk off to sleep. I hope tonight is easier - I have a long "school board planning session" in the morning, so no archaeology for me this Saturday.

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