Sunday, October 3, 2010

Over the Bay

I drove over the bay from Albany to Los Altos Hills this afternoon. I had forgotten that distances here are very different to what I'm used to back home. The trip from my E+L's place to Jonathan and Dewi took over an hour, even though they are not so far apart conceptually. It is beautiful up here in the hills. Their new house is on a huge piece of land that includes trees, gardens and deer. The view is spectacular and you can see all the way to San Fransisco and the bay. I was spoiled by some of Dewi's excellent home made bread and good cheese for tea and then Indian food for dinner with some old friends. We laughed a lot and seeing as we are all getting older we spent a lot of time talking about our various ailments and pains.

I got back to J+D's a little while back. It is always quite hairy to drive in the hills at night. There are no streetlights and it is very, very dark, but the GPS knew the way, and all is well. It is quite chilly out and the heated floors here are very pleasing to bare feet. I miss this fresh air and its smell when I'm in Israel. I forgot just how pretty it is here. There is good reason why this is some of the most expensive real estate around.

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