Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Taming the Trash

This weekend blackwifeo is off to the Dead Sea for a weekend of the self-helpless. She and her support posse are going down for a conference. All this is amusing in its own right, for sure. What is less amusing is that she wishes to take Harriet, my (clean) black Honda Insight. I have no problem with her taking my car, anyway she drives way better than me, but if she takes Harriet I'm left with the Renault Mizbeleh (trash heap).

So I put my foot down and refused to give her my clean and tidy Harriet unless she clean out the Mizbeleh. The picture above is what came out of the car and was NOT trash. I bet there were many garbage bags full of old soda cans, cigarette packets, food and clothes. What is incredible is how many cleaning supplies she found in the depths of the Misbeleh. I am sure that spending months in that trash heap is considered hell in cleaning supply circles. The only down side of her cleaning out the car is that we could have survived for months in there should disaster strike. Now it looks like we will have to prepare an real earthquake survival kit.

Anyway, drive safely love and make sure you don't book your ledge jumpers into the upper floors of the hotel.

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