Friday, September 24, 2010

Tot ziens Clovenhove

We woke up early (8am is early for this family), cleaned the house, returned the keys and motored off to Amsterdam. Bwo found us an excellent hotel on the Herengracht which overlooks the canals, although our 4 person room overlooks the rest of the hotel. We paid for a parking service where they come pick up your car, and return it when you want instead of the 36 Euro a day for parking in the non existing parking on the street. We then walked around a bit and took a boat tour of the canals. Its a very pretty city is Amsterdam. Now we are having a little rest and then we will go walking again.

I am already feeling down knowing what's waiting for me over the next few days. First going home and then back to work and stress for a few days then off to the US. All in all this has been a intense vacation and this kind of thing is not for the week of heart (with teenagers). They keep telling me I'm grumpy and miserable, so what's new.

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