Friday, September 3, 2010


I'm really in struggling with a dilemma. We are due to go off to Holland for our yearly family holiday in a few weeks. We have all four of us been looking forward to this, each in his own way. Our family vacations have been times I look back on with great warmth and pleasure. We walked the Birks of Aberfeldy together, steered our narrowboat through locks, we've marveled at the Bruegels at the Kunsthistorisches Museum and frozen our butts off Johnny's B+B in Annan. But things are a bit different this year. I am worried about my kids missing school and college. Unfortunately the timing of the trip means they will miss 4 or 5 days of school and I'm not sure either of them can afford this. I wish I could just relax and let it be. When I was young and my folks took me traveling, I firmly believed that seeing the world was the best education I could have received. I know I should still think this way, but I'm torn. In the past they haven't shown strength in catching up with missed work and these are important years. But these memories are really what a family is about. Ugggg, I often wish, that like bwo, I could just live for today and let the future take care of itself.

I know you all will just tell me to shut up and be thankful that they're still prepared to go on family vacations together.

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