Sunday, September 5, 2010

Out and About

Now I don't want all you people to think that I have been ignoring my duties as your faithful archaeological correspondent. The truth is I have been out archaeologicalling (as it is known in the family), I just have not been blogging as these are pretty much repeat visits.

I have visited Tel Michal a number of times over the last few weeks (near the Herzliya Marina). I am doing this huge project for my course that involves a detailed project plan for a salvage excavation of a site near the Tel. I've climbed up and down, taken pictures, and even measured the height of the mound of trash that is slowly taking over the eastern side of the Tel. This project has taken a ton of work, but I now know how much the IAA (Israel Antiquities Authority) will charge to dig up your garden should you so desire (990NIS a square meter).

Yesterday I visited the Eretz Israel Museum in T.A. I have been there before and blogged it, but this time I was looking for some examples of Persian Course Ware to match to the sherds laying around on the Tel (all part of this project, serious work I tell you). No luck, I'm afraid, but the time spent at the museum was good. I walked around all the halls and looked at the exhibitions. I really like this quaint museum with its collection spread out all over the place. It sort of mimics Tel Aviv in a way.

Last week bwo and I set out to find Hurvat Burgeta. We saw it from the road, but it was behind a locked gate and a fence, and I was lazy. We did stop at an Aroma on the way and their Halumi sandwich was fantastic. An excellent combination of pickles, tomato and cheese.

So I've been out - just saying.

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