Monday, August 30, 2010

Arcade Fire, Google Chrome and html5

Do me a favor and try this, you won't be sorry. Firstly, if you haven't yet, download google's chrome browser. It takes a second to install. You need this because the other browsers don't yet support html5. They will. Now, shut down some of the other junk you are running (like those five copies of farmville) and, in chrome, go to

The page will ask you to input the address of where you grew up. Unfortunately, it seems the google earth database for Israel does not have good enough 3D street views, so you Israelis will have to choose someplace else (say where you wish you grew up :-) You can always try "35 Mill park Road, Port Elizabeth, South Africa" (without quotes) if all else fails. Then crank up the volume and listen and watch. I think the trees at the end are just spectacular.

This is what will be coming soon to a browser near you.

p.s. Thanks Itai Vonshak for pointing this out - I'm hoping to see these guys in Oct in Berkeley.


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Wow that was awesome. Thanks. I don't recognize my childhood home at all. Much nicer than I remember.

Jozie said...

whats html 5?

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