Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Amsterdam - A nice place

We made it. The plane left Israel more or less on time, and the airport had settled down after the strike yesterday. We flew first to London, so I could get a Pret A Manger sandwich (actually we used BA miles to get here and went through the UK) and then from Heathrow to Amsterdam. On the flight from Israel to Heathrow the entertainment system for our seats was not working, much to the annoyance and chagrin of bwo, who complained bitterly. We did get two 50 pound vouchers for the duty free store, so complaining has its benefits. Counting the stop in London and the mess that is Heathrow, it was a long trek to get here. We took the 197 bus from Schipol airport to our hotel here in the Museum district. It's simple but nice and the free internet is very fast. So I'm not complaining.

We walked around our area a bit, found an excellent Thai dinner and took in some of Amsterdam by night. IT'S RAINING. Fantastic, wonderful rain. I haven't seen rain for many months and it's good to know water falls from the sky in some places. There are millions of bicycles and people talking on cell phones on bicycles and people texting on bicycles. All very Dutch. Here are some of bwo's iPhone pictures.
The canal outside the Hotel.
It's raining.
Inside the Thai restaurant. I had a good curry.

More tomorrow. I like it here.

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oliviao said...

Aaah Gee - we should be with you!!!Maybe next time - have a wonderful time - we miss you