Sunday, September 19, 2010

Deventer Blues

Blackdaughtero here!
Yes it has been quite a while since my last blog post. Well, I have been very busy.
At the moment I am sitting on a moderately comfortable couch, looking out the glass walls at a beautiful forest scene, listening to Win Butler whine about how much he wants a daughter before he gets too old.....I tell you, this album is amazing (The Arcade Fire-The Suburbs) but also the general theme is quite familliar-Growing Old, Family, Kids, City blah blah blah.
But this is not what I am really here to talk about. What I actually intend to tell you, if anyones cares enough to listen, is about our day yesterday.
Yesterday, the Ostrin fam shipped themselves out to Deventer, a little town which seemed very quiet, empty, tranquil and first. Well mother of course has a way of sniffing out shopping and excitement, and surely enough, we found out the Deventer is quite a center of excitement, shopping, marketplace and overall a huge amount of people!! way to go mother!!
Me and her were very happy to have stumbled upon an opputunity to spend to money, but of course, the miseries were less then exited.
Blackmisrablefathero and Blackmiserablebrothero enjoyed the first half an hour of walking around....but soon of course, they were reminded that they are destined to hate every social and crowded place, and of course.......we were hungry.
The good thing is that Mother is probably the best person to be with when hungry as she very much loves loading food onto everyones plates. I don't think I even managed to say the word "hungry" before mom had appeared with 4 deep fired Korean egg rolls, equipped with hot and spicy sauce, One sandwich for the boy, and a deepfried banana. We also devoured all of the snap peas she had bought...originally intended to mix into a stirfry for dinner....FAIL.
The Eggroll was amazing....fried and yummy. Blackmisrablebrothero seemed to become a little less miserable after eating the deepfried banana so I guess it must have been good.
Deventer was very fun.....I enjoyed being around to life....and teenagers....and very cute Chegavuera enthusiests!!!
the rest f the day was more relaxed....we played on our devices, ate some dinner, and i watched Pulp Fiction for the very first time....don't laugh at me!!!
It was very good!1 I enjoyed it immensely!! and I have a feeling I will watch it today again!!
Anyways....I need to tear my eyes away from the screen and spend some time being one with nature!!!
It has been emotional!
until next time!
Blackdaughtero :)

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greta sistererio said...

OMG-- did you take a single breath while writing!!!! You're so smart, girl!