Thursday, September 16, 2010

The kids are alright

Heckle and Jeckle arrived this morning. We took the bus to the airport and picked up our rental car. No worries, it's black. Thank god for the GPS, its been a life saver. We drove through the center of town to our first hotel, picked up our bags, and then went to our next hotel. The Hotel Kap (or as call it Hotel Crap). Jo found picked this place because it has a room for four. It's not nearly as nice as the first place, more like an B+B than a hotel. We have our own bathroom, but it's not in our room, sort of out on the landing outside. The toilet is nothing like anything I've ever seen and Ive seen it all. The boy has named it Frankentoilet. It has a pump and makes all sorts of noises and doesn't really swallow well, a basic toilet requirement in most parts of the world.

We are all exhausted. We crashed for three hours in the afternoon. Tonight we went awalking again, ate mediocre Indian food and then visited the Red Light District. We are now back in the hotel all very tired and shagged out. The most expensive thing in Amsterdam (where nothing is inexpensive) is the parking. It costs 4 euro an hour to park on the street. Which is a problem if you are here overnight. Tomorrow its off to our timeshare. I also need to upload our pictures, hopefully there is internet in next place else it will be a quiet week on the blog. Have a good fast all of you.
My loves after lunch at Hans en Grietje.

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