Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's due Sep 24

No I did not go out on a site visit today. I have been working steadily, without panic, on my huge project for my Managing Archaeological Practices course for the last two months or so. I have interviewed people at the City of Herzliya, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). I have visited MAPI, the Israel Mapping Authority to get maps of the area of interest. I taught myself how to use GIS to make 3D representations of the area. I've done schedules and budgets, read antiquities law and IAA process and spoken to experienced archaeologists. All this has taken around 50 pages of report.

I was certain that this project was due at the end of September. I had it timed so I had a few days after we got back from Holland to finalize, do the final layout and proof reading before posting. I got up early this morning to check that there was indeed no word limit for this project and was stunned to find out it's due on September 24th, right in the middle of our vacation. The panic hit. We are leaving on Tuesday, which means I need to be done in two days. So I spent the last 12 hours solidly getting it all together. It's nearly there. I will reread it twice tomorrow and post it on Tuesday. I could have used a few more days, but it will have to do.

I have learned a huge amount during this project. Project management in archaeology, at least in Israel, seems to be a jealously guarded secret. Getting costs and time estimates required all my charm and persistence. I have no idea how my project will be received, but it really does not matter - I grew and that's this is all about, No?

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Haflo said...

wow , you handled it much better then i would .

i think it would have taken me at least three days running around in circles waving my hands in the air before i would actually try and wrap things up .

p.s could you write something on the vacation please :)