Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm most amazed by the bicycles. I have seen people (lots of long legged women actually) texting, eating, leading dogs, driving whole families all perched on their bicycles. It's raining and many people ride their bikes with umbrellas. There are bicycle lanes everywhere and you have to look out or else you'll get flattened as they come zipping by. This is what a green country really looks like.

We walked for miles and miles today. We visited the Rijksmuseum and saw the Rembrandts and the Vermeers. The kids arrive tomorrow and we will take a bus to the airport to meet them and then come back in our rental car. I am really not looking forward to driving in this city but we have one night here with the kids before we go off to our time share which is a few hours drive outside Amsterdam. Maybe we'll rent bikes.

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