Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Our Siddy

Sad news for us this afternoon. Seems the kids needed to put Sid down. He has been getting more and more frail as he gets older. Sad indeed.
Sid and his sister Nancy, knocked on the door of HaNevel street in our first winter in Israel (Dec/Jan 2000/2001). They were tiny, wet homeless kittens and after a close examination of all houses in the 2005 subdivision, they decided we should look after them. A nice South African/American family that would make sure they always had a warm house and good food. Sid was the serious one. While is sister Nancy was a Ninja and lived for the attack, Sid was always very regal and stately. He was not big on chasing things and mostly loved to lie on the bed with his mom, purring. He grew into a big handsome chap, the patriarch of the cats of HaNevel 3. He was not a big fighter, but would arch and hiss and spit at any young whippersnapper that dared intrude into his space.

According to the latest WhatsApp message bso now at the vet and they have decided his time is up. We had 15 great years with Sid and he will be dearly missed. No one purrs better.


Joanne Ostrin said...

So so sad. When we moved to London, I had Dylan make me a recording of Sid purring. I couldn't sleep without it.

arnieo said...

So Sad! He was family. My thoughts are with you all.