Monday, February 22, 2016

Buckets of Broccoli. Leagues of lettuce.

The Hebrew Squints and I did some volunteer work this morning. We went to help out Leket, an organization that does amazing work feeding the needy with "left over food". Apparently it all started with an American New Immigrant who started collecting left over food from restaurants, then supermarkets and cafeterias, then on to surplus agricultural produce. They are mostly volunteer supported, with a lot of volunteers (55K says the website) and they produce over 1.5 million meals yearly. I particularly like that they don't let food go to waste. 

We arrived to find huge crates filled with lettuce and broccoli, which we had to pack into smaller more manageable trays to be shipped around the country to soup kitchens, schools and other places of need. We then moved onto beetroot and radishes. My fingers were destroyed after two hours, but as usual, I am proud of my squints work ethic. They worked, and worked. We were the first group to arrive and the last to leave. It was good fun and I think we all left feeling we had done something good.


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