Monday, February 29, 2016

An Aunt

Auntie Masha passed away yesterday. She was an amazing woman. There were many things that made her special: she was an amazing cook (her cooking is one of the things I missed most when I turn vegetarian), she was well-read, interested in the world, and had views and opinions, she was nobody's fool. She did have the most unbelievable hearing. In the old days she would be in her kitchen in Rehov Shwartz and hear every word we whispered to each other on the balcony on the other side of the apartment, with the door shut. She was always a slight, slip of a woman, who got even slighter over the last few years, but she had a strong heart. Auntie Masha and Uncle Gus sort of adopted me when I first arrived in Israel as a fool-hardy, innocent and oblivious youngster of 17. They opened their arms and made their home in Raanana, my home. They were always there for me during those confusing days of early adulthood. I was so fortunate to have them.

I looked through my old pictures to see if I could find a defining picture of Auntie Masha. Of course, I couldn't. Firstly I only have digital pictures on my machine here, and those were the days of Kodak Instamatics and getting pictures "developed" the store on the corner of Borahov. Any picture like that would be somewhere in our myriad of boxes stored somewhere in the world. I did find the following picture. On second thoughts I decided not to post it. I am sure Auntie Masha would have hated it. She really was one of a kind.

She will always be Auntie Masha to me. I could never image any of my nieces or nephews call me "uncle", but Auntie Masha deserved the respect. She earned it over thousands of cups of coffee and Broadway 100s.


arnieo said...

Well said - truly an amazing lady. Will be missed

oliviao said...

We spent many wonderful times with Aunty Masha. I remember coming to Israel in 1978 - 2 months pregnant with Paul and with 2 year old Edwin in tow - and aunty Masha and Uncle Gus took care of us even though they were staying at the Ulpan and had very cramped quarters! We have marvelous pictures of us all in Caesarea. Every time we went to Israel, we were so warmly welcomed, usually by as many of the family as could come. The last time we were there, in March last year, Aunty Masha made a lovely tea and baked some delicious cheese cake and lots of other stuff. She asked after everyone, was so interested in our lives and our kids! We will miss you Aunty Masha - you were one of a kind!