Saturday, February 20, 2016

Home Again

I arrived in Israel yesterday afternoon after a pleasant and emptyish flight. I whipped out of the airport, collected my rental car and zoomed home all in about 40 minutes from row 35D to front door. I like coming home to this new apartment. The boy (bso) had actually gone shopping and moved all the junk that had collected out of my office. All in all the apartment here on HaHayil street is light and airy. It now has enough of "the look" that it feels like home. It was great to see bso. He is in good spirits, having done well at university this semester and enjoying the time off. I did the family rounds last night for dinner and after. All are doing OK, except my aunt who is not doing at all well. I hope this week goes well for her. The strain on her children, my cousins, is enormous. Sigh!, all around us people are getting old and health becomes more and more central.

Well I am happy to be here in the holy land, but I do miss bwo.

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