Monday, February 8, 2016

Full House

The daughter, bdo (blackdaughtero), arrived in London yesterday. She and her travel partner are stopping off on their way to South America for their multi month backpacking trek. I am more worried about this than I was during all her years in the army. I suppose it's a father's lot to worry while the offspring gallivant around the world. All they have as far as an itinerary is concerned is a flight to Buenos Aires and one back from São Paulo. It's good to be young.

In other news BFE (the boyf) arrived today. I reserve judgement as anything I say can and will be used in evidence against me. Roxy seems to like him.


Sagi. said...

Just buy this tshirt :

it's black !

blackpetero said...

I always gave the daughter the most important advice. Two simple things. All boys are fools and watch what they do and ignore what the say. I need a T-Shirt that says that. I would make a mint.