Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Picture

I stopped blogging regularly a few months before Avril left us. And once she was gone I really didn't feel like writing much. I know she used to read all my posts and in some way she was one of the people I was writing to. I miss her and til now I have not been able to write about Avril much as it was too raw. I started this blog up again because it feels like life is changing again and this is a good way for me to record the passing of days.

While I was in Houston last weekend, we went to one of the (many) storage units we, as a family, rent. While I was looking for some documents of my parent's, I came across the "big box of photos", which is not so big any more. We took it home to look through and while pouring through faded old black and white pictures of my parent's youth, we came across this picture of Avril, and I have to say it brought on misty eyes and a lump in throat. This is exactly how I will always remember her, in that silly, frilly coat and that smile. I am so glad I found it.

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