Monday, February 15, 2016

A Quiet House

We just dropped bdo off at Heathrow on her way to South America for her "tiyul". She has a ticket back in June and who knows where she will be till then. It was most frustrating for me to watch just how disorganized they are, these young people. They were packing till the last minute and out shopping in Kigston till a hour or two before leaving for the airport. I hope all goes well for them and they have the experiences they are looking for. Come home safely girlygirl, I miss you already.

In other news, tomorrow is national, well at least blackpetero, Stent Removal Day. I'm not to eat from 10am and then into the hospital at 2:30pm and surgery starts at 4pm. That probably means I will get seen at around 7pm, by then I will be starving and full of headache. I will be happy to see the end of the stent. I have been peeing blood from time to time (this is normal according to the interwebs) and it is uncomfortable a lot of the time. Then it's off to Israel on Friday, so I better make a speedy recovery.

It's nice to have a quiet house again.  

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