Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Of Stents and Stones

Stents and stones can break your bones ..... The stent is out and I am home nursing a sore left side and trying not to bite through my tongue when I pee. It burns. I spent a pleasant night in the New Vic Hospital. The food was not as good as last time, but the nurses are caring and my surgeon (called a Consultant in this country) seems competent. Well at least he has sense of humour. I did not sleep much last night after the procedure which seemed to take way longer than it was supposed to. I was back in room 33 at around 8:30pm. Having precious little else to do (I got tired of learning Python quite quickly) I collected the fragments of the boulder they crushed as they came out of me. It seems this is to be expected with a 12mm stone. Here is a picture. Note that these are just the fragments, they claim the got the big bits out with their "special tools".
That's a pound coin. The bits are hard and sharp, no wonder it's eye watering sore when they pass. It's all rather fascinating.

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