Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ureteroscopic Stone Removal and Cystoscopy and Stent Procedure

I had a CT scan last week. It's all these pains that I have been having, see. I was sure they were kidney stones, but the doctors here wanted me to have diverticulitis. Well they never found and diverticulitis but they did find quite a large kidney stone stuck somewhere in between my kidney and bladder. I went back to the urologist tonight for him to go over the tests (a Mr. S - specialists in this country are misters not doctors). Anyway seems I'm to have the stone removed on Friday (day after tomorrow). "No problem" he said. "It should not hurt too much" he said. With the way they understate everything here I'm sure it will hurt like the bejesus.

It's all at the nice New Victoria Hospital. A good place. They gave me a nice sandwich after (cheese and tomato on white bread, my brother would have appreciated it) and excellent coffee. Hopefully this "procedure" does not take to long. They bust up the stone using what the consultant (specialist) claims is a very small pneumatic drill, a miniature version of what they use on the road, and then put in a long plastic stent for a few weeks. Sounds marvelous. Getting old is overrated.


arnieo said...

Looks like I am the only one with any comments lately.

So it this must by a brotherly love thing because last Tuesday I started with the traditional kidney stone pain. The pain subsided after a few hours but came back with a vengeance on Saturday at 2A.M and then again on Sunday at about 9A.M. Both times the pain lasted for about 2 hours. So Monday off to the urologist (Dr. S here). He poked and prodded and decided I needed a CT scan - which happened yesterday. On Friday I see him to get the results of the scan, but in the meantime yesterday I was minding my business at the urinal when out popped a stone. I must say based on the pain I was expecting something the size of a large bolder not something the size of a grain of salt. Hopefully it is THE stone not on of many.

blackpetero said...

Looks like we share the kidney stone gene. Hope you passed THE stone. Feel better.

BTW. I think you are the only one who actually reads the blog, but I'm not complaining. I am doing this for me.

Jo said...

I am lurking.
Feel better Arnie.