Saturday, January 9, 2016


Bwo signed up to attend a conference in Brighton this weekend. I volunteered to drop her off thinking Roxy and I could do some exploring along the coast. We woke up to what is called "blustery" weather here in the UK. Elsewhere it would just be called windy. By the time we got to Brighton it was very blustery. The wind was howling and the walk along the coast I planned looked less and less attractive. I found this walk, "The Kipling Roedean and Rottingdean Trail" on my favorite walking app iFootpath. The walk starts out along the "Undercliff Path" which sounded exciting. There are many warnings NOT to walk the path in bad weather and many have been swept into the sea. This is what it looked like when Rox and I got to the head of the path.
 As you can see if you look closely there are mad dogs and Englishmen out there between the waves. I watched as a particularly strong blast of wind whipped up a huge breaker that covered the path completely. So I chickened out and decided to walk the hills overlooking the sea.
So Roxy and I set off. There were nice paths over the hills. It was a little muddy and the wind was strong but to our backs and the views spectacular. About an hour into the walk I bumped into a lady with her two boarder collies and while Roxy and her dogs had a good sniff of each other, I asked her if there was a nice path that would get me back to the car without doubling back. She pointed out a path up a hill to the left and said it was about 45 minutes back to the car. I should have known. The English are rubbish at estimating how long it takes to walk anywhere. Two and a half hours later having passed numerous sheep looking down on Brighton from the hills, we finally got back to the car, windswept but happy. 

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