Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie

David Bowie died yesterday. I heard this morning as it was announced on the BBC on my way into work around 6:30am. I have to admit that while I have become quite an emotional being over the years, I rarely feel anything when so called "stars" pass on. This one was different. I was immediately transported to Gerald Strimling's apartment on Park Drive. Avril and I were in Standard 9 so it was 1976. Gerald lived then with Stuart and they were much older and therefore much cooler (Avril was the real reason for the invitation to their apartment). I liked Bowie before and the song Sorrow from Pinups was a favorite. But Gerald played us Hunky Dory. It changed my life. I have to say that it ranks in my top three albums and has at every stage of my life. I remember the first year at the Technion in Haifa in 1978 being terribly lonely, homesick, lovesick and lost, I turned to Hunky Dory - the recording I had on cassette eventually wore out.

Of all the amazing songs on that record, it's The Bewlay Brothers that still blows me away every time I hear it. From the creaking at the beginning to the chorus at the end it is in my opinion a masterpiece.

The incredible outpouring of emotion over Bowie's death has flooded my Facebook feed. For me and my hevreh he was the man. Listen to Hunky Dory now. You will not be sorry.

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mart said...

Way back then, I visited you in Houston. My first trip to USA and I was overwhelmed by Virgin Records.You, BPO turned me into a Bowie lover. Of course I knew Bowie and had enjoyed some of his stuff previously but you recomended I buy a set of CD's (which included 1 video disk) and the rest is history.
This set has some more obscure stuff and a version of Heroes which he sings in German that I absolutely love.