Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Jet

One of the nice things about working for Squint incorporated is that they have a few company jets.I got to fly on one from San Jose to Folsom this morning. It is very nice. You wait in a nice building near San Jose airport, show your badge and hop on the jet and twenty two minutes later you hop off in Folsom. There was even a Hertz car waiting for me at the other end. The jet flies at around 10000 feet (this according to Chris who was flying with me, he is an expert glider pilot) which means you can see the ground quite clearly. You get a wonderful view of the rolling hills as you come in to land at Mather Field in Folsom.The second picture is just after take off and that's Mountain View and its surroundings, you can clearly see the Moffett Field runways between the clouds. California seems to have had a bit of rain and the fields on the way to Folsom are quite green, and not the brown I am used to seeing when visiting over the last few years. A nice experience.

The flight attendant even gave us cookies.  

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