Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Loose Tooth

It was around this time three years ago that we moved to the UK. I had been travelling back and forth from Israel to Egham quite a bit and was just starting to get used to life in the dark and cold of a real winter. It was cold. I remember coming into my office after the New Year break in Israel and seeing the glass of water I had left on the window sill completely frozen solid. The heating was useless in that building and we each had to have personal heaters to stop our feet from freezing. Since then we have moved into our nice warm offices in central Egham and bwo and I have settled into our cozy house on Petersham Road.

That was an exciting time. A lot of changes to deal with and new skills to acquire. I enjoyed the feeling of not knowing what would be coming next. Not knowing where we would be in one, two, three or four years time was a new challenge for me. I always have a plan. Always. So the uncertainty of the move to the UK was new to me. I kind of liked it. Sort of like playing with a loose tooth, a nice sort of pain. Now we have been here for three years, with the probability of one more year. I still have no idea of what will be after this. Back to Israel? Then what? Where? I find I'm pushing on that loose tooth more and more.

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