Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Movie and Nando's

Bwo and I spent a pleasant afternoon at the movies. We saw the new Star Wars epic. It's really quite entertaining. This is the first time I've been to movies in about a year. I fact, the last movie I saw in a movie house was the middle Hobbit episode. I see anything interesting (and much that is not) on the plane as I can usually get two movies into the five hour flight to Tel Aviv. BA has a decent entertainment system. I was amazed just how much movies cost here. It shows just how out of touch I am. £16.50 for each ticket and then another £7.75 for popcorn and a drink. Good thing we don't go too often.

We had a nice quick dinner after at the next door Nando's. They make a fairly decent veggie burger. After a quick trip on the 65 bus. I'm back in our nice warm home on Petersham road. The dank cold and smell of rainy streets mixed with fresh exhaust fumes always reminds me of many past holidays in London. But now, the dog has been walked, the stomach has been fed. Perhaps I'll watch a bit of football. It's a hard life.

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