Tuesday, January 5, 2016


So I have a dilemma. Which litter picker upper do I go with, the Draper which is cheap at £5.95 (with Amazon prime)    or the much better quality Helping Hand 32" Street master Litter Picker   which comes in at a hefty £15 (without delivery)? I could also get the Caraselle Refuse Bag Holder for a mere £16.95.

You may ask why this sudden litter obsession. It all started while listening to Clare Balding's wonderful book Walking Home: My Family and other Ramblings recently downloaded from audible. For one of her walks she meets up with David Sedaris, one of my favorite authors/radio personalities who I was surprised to find lives in Horsham in West Sussex. According to Wikipedia, "He enjoys collecting litter in the local area". According to Clare it's more like a raging obsession. He cannot go out walking without a high-viz vest (very popular in the UK - the height of cycling fashion), a litter picker upper and a refuse bag holder. I love the idea. While our area around Petersham/Ham/Richmond is pretty well kept, the odd bit of litter is even more conspicuous and an eyesore. I think I'm going to set aside at least one walk a week for litter collection. Of course, one must have the correct tools.

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