Friday, January 8, 2016


I read somewhere this week about a survey that questioned Brits all over the UK. People were asked what typifies "Being British". All sorts of things came up, for example: standing in queues, a cuppa tea, sarcasm, Sunday Roast at the local pub, talking about the weather and not looking people in the eye on the tube. One action stood out more than any other. All over the UK people felt that "Saying Sorry" was particularly British. I must agree.

Yesterday Roxy ran up to a couple in the dark and as they cooed and aahed at her, she jumped up and put her muddy paws on the guy's pants. I rushed up to apologize, before I could say anything out burst a torrent of sorrys. Not only was he sorry, she was very sorry. So very sorry. I tried to look stern and gently scold Roxy, but they were so sorry my little reprimand felt insignificant. We were definitely out-sorryed. I've even noticed at work if two squints meet at the entrance door and bump into each other, they both say sorry to each other without thinking (unless they're Italian). If you run someone over with your cart at the supermarket, they will surely be very sorry. It's all rather quaint.

Oh and one other thing British people felt typified themselves, was the consumption of alcohol before 8 am at airports. I will pay special attention next time I'm at Heathrow.    

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