Sunday, January 17, 2016


Living in South Africa, California, Texas and Israel, I have never stayed anywhere where it snowed regularly. Not that it snows that often in Richmond Upon Thames. So, I get very excited when it does snow. Both Roxy and I loved going out into the light snow fall this morning. I am still not feeling so great so I did not go out for too long but we got to walk out on the copse through the snow (I did take some pictures out on the copse, but it was too dark).

I love the sound of the snow. You hear nothing as it drifts to the ground. Light as air. And all around everything looks and sounds different. There is a sort of stillness all around, even the morning calls of the birds sound different. Muted. Unfortunately the snow did not hang around for long, but it's still quite cold out. This is supposed to be a cold winter, so perhaps by the end I will have had my fill. Not yet though. Bring on more snow.

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