Monday, January 4, 2016


Bwo and I have a sort of routine going. On the days we have dinner together we seem to find ourselves sitting in the lounge in front of the TV watching Gogglebox. I admit the show's premise sounds lame, but Gogglebox is awesome. Basically you watch people watch TV. Really. There are a regular bunch of families and friends that watch some of the week's TV and comment on what they are seeing. You spectate on them from cameras placed on their TV as if you were the TV. The shows switches between the content and the watchers showing only selected snippets.

Gogglebox should be required watching for all immigrants into the UK. There is no better way to get exposed to British culture. It could take the place of a Merkaz Klita (absorption center - where you learn Hebrew etc. on immigrating to Israel) for the UK.

We have got to know all the families that take part, some are hilarious, some quite sweet, some ridiculous - but all very real. They're from all walks of life and all over the UK. If you ever get the chance don't give it a miss. Trust me.

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Joanne Ostrin said...

Yay, season 7 starts this Friday. Can't wait!