Monday, January 25, 2016

BA 285

Seat 29A. Not a bad seat at all. It's an exit row and there is only a single seat in front of me. I'm by the window with a seat to my left and a very quiet girl who has not uttered a word so far and we are eight hours into this ten and a half hour flight. There is a open space in front of my seat so I can get out without bothering the nice Russian man in the singleton in row 28. I've watched three movies. Two were less than memorable but I liked The Martian with Brad Pitt. Now I'm listening to my iPod. Yes I still have an iPod and it contains some good music. The 10.5 hours to San Fransisco seem to take forever but it's so much better than flying from Tel Aviv like in the old days. At least no change of planes.

I expect this will be a difficult week. Jet lagged with lots of sitting around in meetings. It really gets no easier as the years wear on. I am looking forward to smelling the air in the Bay Area. It's been a while. One positive is that now that my manager moved to Santa Clara I will get to visit the Bay Area and not have to head straight off to Folsom. I do get to take a ride on the corporate jet on Tuesday morning and that is usually fun. Give me a break, I'm trying to find positives here. No question that at this time I would much rather be out walking Roxy by the river rather than cooped up in this metal sardine can with wings. 

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