Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Test

Well, it was all rather underwhelming - sorry! About an hour and a half after I took the "horrid white stuff", which really did not taste to bad at all (sort of like lemon flavored Gatorade), the bottom fell out of my world and continued to fall all night long. I drank the recommended 10 cups of water before bed and believe me a lot of water gushed forth. Then this morning I drank the second helping with much more water and soon the monsoon continued complete with thunder and lightning. No solid food passed my lips since yesterday lunch and I was getting quite hungry by the time 3pm came around and bwo took me off to the Kupat Hulim for the actual colonoscopy itself.

The doctor was running 40 minutes late (of course), so by the time I was called in and given one of those useless hospital gowns that don't close at the back, I was a little irritated. No one seems to think that they need to apologize or even mention that they are running late, it's like 40 minutes late is on time for doctors - it's your fault for expecting them to be on time, they're doing gods work you know. Anyway, they lay me down next to a scary machine full of black pipes and screens (reminded me of the Borg in Star Trek), pricked my arm and gave me the sedative (it does not knock you out, just makes you a little out of it - now I can't remember what went on during the test, even though I know I watched the whole thing unroll on the screen facing me). After what I'm told was 15 minutes I came round and bwo came to chat, I sat up, walked around a bit and went home. They told me my colon is fine and to come back in 10 years.

The worst part actually was that they must have filled me up with air because I had a quite a bit of pain until it all escaped (luckily no one was at home when that happened, what with all the windows rattling they would have thought a plane just flew overhead and broke the sound barrier or we just had an earthquake). Well it's all over, and honestly it was not at all bad. I even enjoyed my day at home waiting for the test.

We're watching the new Sherlock Homes (BBC production by Steven Moffat of Dr. Who fame) I think it is really quite good. More on that tomorrow.

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Ed said...

25 of fentanyl and 1 of midazolam works wonders.