Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I hope DLM can speak French

Now I don't usually like to complain :-) But, these French tourists on the road are starting to bother me. It seems that all of France decided to up an leave and visit us here in Israel - you see it's August (that should explain everything). Everywhere you go you hear French. Typically I could care less, but all these foreigners believe they have a right to drive here and behave worse than the locals. It's bad enough that we all struggle to get in and out of the parking lot at squint central because we have both Hertz and Sixt in our building, but now I have to deal with these fools on the way home.

Today while driving home I came across three rental cars at various points behaving not only stupidly moves, but dangerously as well. In the last case, just outside the house in Raanana, some fool had stopped his car in the middle of the traffic circle near Ahuza. I waited patiently noticing the blue Eldan Rental Car sign on the side of his car, trying to think pleasant thoughts of how they are helping the economy. After a minute or two of deep breathing, I rolled down my window and asked him kindly to move (in polite Hebrew, yes it's not an oxymoron). He stares at me blankly and informs me in an outrageous French accent, "where it is Ahhhuuuzza street?". I point 10 meters ahead of him. He then proceeds to nearly back into my car, throw his car into first gear with a horrible grinding noise, stall, restart, jerk forward a few times, stall again, restart and proceed to drive through a red traffic light. Oh, Driver License Man (DLM) where Oh where are you. We need you desperately.

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