Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just To Dammed Hot To Blog

It's just too hot. I'm not sure if it is always this hot or I just conveniently forget from year to year, but this year seems ridiculous. It was so hot yesterday that I could only convince bwo to come with me if we went to caves, where it's cool. So off we went to Beit She'arim, even though I had been there before with the boy, last year. I like the necropolis at Beit She'arim and it's so cool inside that it feels like they have real air conditioning (that work Houston style). We did not stay long as it was very hot when not in the caves. Bwo took pictures which I will post when I dare come out of my air conditioned room and venture down to hot office downstairs. It's just too dammed hot. We have a BBQ to go to later and then a crowded school affair that will take place in the sweltering humid evening. I just can't wait. One must suffer for ones color choices it seems.

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