Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Happy Camper

The entire weekend blackwifeo and kept glancing at each other and shrugging. Who replaced our boy while he was away in Beer Sheva last week with this happy, non complaining child. He looks just like the one we sent away, but he sure acts different.

The boy is happy. We are not used to this. He likes the people he's with, he likes his dorm room, he likes having time on his own, he likes cooking for himself, even Hebrew class is not too bad. He was quite chipper this morning when I got him up at 5am to catch the 5:55am train back to the university. He bounced out of the car at the station with a smile and a nod - who is this chap? He was especially happy that he does not suffer from allergies in BS - as soon as he walked through the door here in Raanana he started his serial sneezing (and no one can sneeze more times in a row than he). Must be the cats.

Talking about cats, Lola was so happy to see him she followed him all over the house and cried continuously at his door at night. Now that he has gone she is sulking on his bed, she misses him the more than anyone.

What can I say, I just hope the joy continues.

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