Friday, August 6, 2010

In other news

Last night after my "procedure" we celebrated by watching Sherlock, the new BBC production (started two weeks back) that casts Sherlock Holmes into the present. I know it sounds a bit cheezy, but it is actually quite good. It's produced by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and has a very Dr. Who feel to it. So far only two episodes have aired in the UK (and in the US, I believe), I found them most entertaining, but it could have been the anesthetic. I have always been a Sherlock Holmes fan myself and have read the "Complete Works" a number of times. Having a traditionalist bent I was surprised to find I liked it. I still think Jeremy Brett was the consummate TV SH, but this new chap is OK actually.

In other news, blacksono is home for the weekend. He took the train from Beer Sheva and we picked him up at the Herzliya station after lunch today. It seems to me that he is having a really good time. He has not complained once - it looks like he has made friends and is quite happy out there on his own. He says it's fun going to the pub nearly every night and he is even enjoying Hebrew class. He was due to go on a tiyul (outing) with the group to the Rimon crater this weekend but he said most of his friends pulled out because it was so hot. Which it sure was. I think today was the hottest day we have had this year, it was boiling.

It is nice having the boy home. The cats missed him more than anyone and they have all been following him around all day, which has done wonders for his allergies.

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