Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ain't No Cure For The Summer Time Blues

You know what I miss? (besides my mind, my hair and my youth). I miss looking out the window and seeing dark clouds. I miss weather. Every single day the weather here is the same. It's just bloody hot. The White Goat got back from visiting France with her brood and commented on how everyone in Israel looks completely worn out. It's the heat I tell you. It's definitely the heat. But never fear, our religious brethren have the solution...

On September the 12th "Summer Time" will end in Israel. We will move our watches back one hour nearly two months before those in the US (they will move on Nov 7th). In Europe daylight savings ends on Oct 31st, why even in the Palestinian Authority's daylight savings only ends on Oct 15th. So starting on Sep 12th it will start getting light at 4:30am and getting dark at 5pm. The reason for this apparently has something to do with the Yom Kippur fast. I have never understood what, as the fast is 25 hours no matter when you start or end. Clearly, like all else in this country, it's political. Hopefully god is listening and summer will end and the weather will cool.

While reading about Israeli Summer Time on wikipedia, I came upon this lovely snippet of information:

Darwin Awards are given out to "commemorate individuals who protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives" by "eliminating themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby improving our species' chance of long-term survival." The 1999 winner was awarded to a group of Palestinian terrorists who neglected to note that Israel had already switched that year from daylight saving time to standard time because of the religious holiday. The bombs had been prepared in a Palestinian-controlled area, and set on Daylight Saving time. The drivers had already switched to standard time, and the cars were still en-route when the explosives detonated, killing them but no one else.

Well at least this change is good for something. But, It is still too bloody hot.

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