Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pre Test

Tomorrow 3:30pm I have a colonoscopy. It's one of the joys of turning 50 it seems. I told the gastro guy that I typically go to the toilet six or seven times a day, but he gave me all the usual laxatives and told me he had heard those kind of stories before. So two days back I started with two laxatives before bed. Well, all hell broke loose and by morning I had probably caused a backup in Raanana's sewerage flow. I was then put on a white bread and milk products diet. I have no idea why, and most of the web seems to think milk products are not the best before a colonoscopy, but I have the gastro dude's instruction sheet to follow. Last night, two more laxatives and more of the same flow. Since lunch I have had to be on a liquid diet. Oh, I can have jelly (jello) but it scares me with those wobbles.

Now tonight 6pm the real joy started. I had to drink the "horrid white stuff". At least that's what the chemist called it when he told me my prescription was out of date, which meant multiple trips to the doctor's to get a new one (they were closed for one, next they gave me the wrong prescription and finally got it right the third attempt). This I have just done and am waiting for the rumbling and volcanic explosions to start. It's been an hour and all I feel is a little bloated.

The gastro guy told me not to worry, only one in about four thousand colonscopies runs into complications. He seemed to think that was an OK statistic - I don't. Much more on this tomorrow.

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