Monday, August 16, 2010

Parking for free

It's time for the Raanana Weekly Photo. This week I want to show you just how special Raanana is. Recently the City has gone crazy and marked all sidewalks blue and white (meaning you need to pay for parking or need a "Raanana Resident" sticker). There is nowhere to park, especially if, like me, you are not prepared to go wait in line at city hall to get a resident's parking sticker. But now it seems that our city is taking its green status seriously. See that green writing on the bottom of the parking sign, it says "Hybrid vehicles park for free". Finally, someone is taking notice. Now if only the City of Tel Aviv would follow suit.


Jozie said...

hey, thats really cool.

SB said...

You give the parking cops too much credit. Now you'll spend more time challenging parking tickets because you drive a hybrid than you would have spent getting a Ra'anana Resident parking permit.