Thursday, April 1, 2010

I've seen the future and it's now.

The picture above is for real (it's not an April's Fool). This is what scientists back in 1954 thought home computers would look like in the year 2004 (50 years in the future). I particularly love the steering wheel. The blurb claims the machine will require "not yet invented technology to actually work". I think it's beautiful, all those dials and switches. I wonder if the spiffy suit comes with the machine.


Ed said...


blackpetero said...

I should have known by the steering wheel. Really, what would you need a steering wheel for anyway, unless it was a giant "Death Race 2005" game.

It is well done anyway. I used to love looking at those 'shop competitions.

Sorry for leading the masses (all 3 of you) astray.