Monday, April 26, 2010

8:30 at the Bank

Today's Raanana Weekly Picture is outside the bank. What is it with people waiting outside the bank at 8:30am for the doors to open. I swear this is a purely Israeli phenomenon, no one loves their banks like the people here. In all my life in the US I went into the bank twice. Once to open my account and once to replace a lost credit card. Over here the bank wants you to come visit. They want to know you, not just your money.

The important thing to notice about this picture is the line. Or lack thereof. People just stand around the door and wait for the guard to unlock and then push in. Everyone is quite nice about it, they will chat to you while waiting for the doors to open, but as soon as the lock is turned, it's a free for all. On the first of the month you can get trampled. These people must know some secret I do not. I hate going to the bank and certainly have no intention of waiting outside. There's the internet guys - it's this new thing where you use your computer at home for things like banking.

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Jozie said...

I got locked in the bloody bank the other morning by mistake. 6:30 am, not a leberdike houndt around. I am never going in one again. I swear.