Thursday, April 15, 2010

The cloud

I always get this ridiculous thrill of pleasure when Mother Nature strikes back. The picture above is of the volcanic cloud sweeping down on the UK from Iceland. I am sure it sucks to be one of the many people stranded at UK airports due to the grounded flights, but don't you just love it when the world shows us that we are absolutely not in charge. We are simply renting space here and sometimes our typically benevolent landlord gets pissed off and she starts banging on floor.

It's unclear if these are clips of the exact volcano that is erupting, but they are pretty cool non the less.


samparadise said...

Yeah I love that picture.

Hey but what are you gonna do about the iPad ban situation? You'll have to move, won't you?

blackpetero said...

The squints at work think it's (like everything) a capitalist plot - the whole iPad ban that is. They claim the cell phone companies here lost so much money from people bringing in iPhones from the US that they put pressure on the customs to stop iPads coming in. I wouldn't put it past them the protectionist bastards. Just saying.

oliviao said...

Hear, hear!!to those sentiments!!