Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The "Friends" Park

I missed posting yesterday and it was Raanana Weekly Picture day at that. So on the way back from work today I stopped at the park to take a picture of the Park Havarim (Friends Park) which I think is special. It's a part of the big Raanana park with special equipment for handicapped kids. Today also happens to be the Mimouna today. It's a Moroccan festival where basically you eat a whole lot after eating a whole lot for Pesach.

At our park today I did not see any Moroccans, and no mufleta. But there were hundreds upon thousands of religious people, and as far as I could tell most of them able bodied. Many of their kids were playing in the "friends" park. It's a free world, I guess. Except for parking, you have to pay for parking.

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