Monday, April 19, 2010

Violent Femmes

It was 20 years ago (today?). I was driving my little red Hyundai Excel down Greenbriar, outside Rice stadium between University and Rice Blvds listening to KTRU (Rice Radio) when this song came on. I remember it clearly. It was early afternoon, I was on my way to digital logic class. The DJs at KTRU only came on about once an hour and then rattled off a list of songs in rapid fire monotones. So I never found out who sang the song. But, it stuck. Funny how that works.

This weekend I was watching an uncomfortable movie about a kid with a stutter who joins the debate team. In a fit of frustration he lobs a cello through a window, with this song in the background. Well a bit of internetting and it was mine. The song is "Kiss Off" by the Violent Femmes and it still rules. I could really only find this half decent live version on the YouTubes. The studio version is great, but the video unfortunately is not. Listen through, the count off is classic.

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